Practice What You Love

On the way to work this morning, after a deliciously long break, I am listening to my normal  radio station and cannot believe they are featuring the song, “Do My Ass.”  Yes, it’s goofy and a silly tune, but what the heck???  By the third stanza, the remainder of the phrase is revealed.  “Won’t you do my assssssstolrogical sign?”  Ahh!  Duped again.   I love being a Pisces even though I don’t follow the charts.  And I loved my starry message for today: Practice what you love.  So true, but what do I love?  Love to write, love to create, love how nature is full of surprises, love to walk, love visual stimulation, love helping others.  Do plenty of the latter. Need to do more of the “formerer”

Into work I go.  I help a student on the autism spectrum with a difficult breakdown and find, that once again in situations like this, I have to monitor my own emotions and put up a professional guard.  His inability to grasp how his words and actions could be perceived as rude and his sincere perplexedness over how a situation  so quickly escalates have him in tears and me going to that dark place where my own son’s Asperger’s Syndrome social challenges are often times so heartbreaking.   Still, I am proud the young man for being able to share his side and for being able to listen as I attempt to relay to him other’s perceive his words and actions.  This is a glimpse of progress in the three years I have known him.

I remain chipper throughout the day.  Love checking in with the students and hearing about what they did for the holidays.  Many stayed home.  I told them I stayed home, too.  Was so happy not to have the anxiety of dealing with airports and well, feeling trapped in someone else’s home, even if it was mine growing up.

Home.  Hang up my clothes after changing: check.  Walk the  dogs: check.   Remember to drink water: check.  Surely the new year is off to a good start.

On the walk, looking up at the sky, what do I see?  Clouds form a blanket of soft, grey cashmere.  Oh, and look at that stand of alders, so tall and straight,  silhouetted against the sky in a semi-circle!  They mark off the perimeter of green space like mushrooms in a fairy ring.   I wonder that I have never noticed this before.  

I stop to breathe in the beauty of the moment.   I promise myself to make it a practice to look up more often and find what it is that I love.


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