Fazool Me, Please

Pasta e fagioli rapida

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Missing the boyfriend.

Feel the dip.

Anxiety picks up.

Try to call.

No answer.

That’s okay.


The promise.

We believe all students will graduate with strong character, be exceptional scholars….

Meetings end.  Head back to work.

Need something comforting for lunch.

Soup of the Day from the drive through. Pasta Fagioli.  (Prounounced “Fazool.”)

Close the office door to eat in quiet.  Black paper taped to the window.

Time for supervision. 

And then it begins.

Harassment and bullying issues dredged up.


Wouldn’t sit in his chair.  Well, he did but not with the chair on the floor. 

Stepped on my shoes. 

Pushed me down the hill.

Slammed the basketball in my face.

Shut up or I’ll punch you. 

Lewd Facebook posts. 

Counselor/interpreter to explain suspension. 

Psychologist diagnosis. 


Will be calling to meet with you and the teachers.

Don’t know what to do with these kids.  Any suggestions?

Call the father.  Angry father.  Suspension!?!  Why not detention!?!  You’re just now letting me know!?!  (This just came to our attention today, sir.)  Unless your going to pay my comp, you take him home!  (District policy, sir.)  Well, you caused the problem–let him get on the bus!  (Bus has left, sir.)  Put him on the bus!  (District policy, sir.)  You didn’t even do anything to prevent this!  (Just learned of the situation today, sir.)

Feeling nauseous.

Secretary slips me chocolate.

Call the mother.  Leave a message.  (Things didn’t go so well when I spoke with your husband, but the situation is…)

Call the grandparents.  Grandmother answers.  Oh, I know how my son is.  I know you’re doing every thing you can.  We’ll be right there.  Oh, I’m sure you did.  I know, I used to work for a school district....(Thank you so much for your support!!!)

Feeling better.

Debrief with P.E. teacher.  Come up with a plan to tighten supervision during transition times. 

Check conference flights.  Phew!  Still a good price.

Early meeting tomorrow.

Almost forgot!  Pick up Tulip at Doggie Day Care!!!

Happy to see me.


Glass of wine with cracked pepper cheese, rosemary flatbread, and sliced apple.

Highschool All-American Game.  Quarterback for black team injured.  Player from white team dons a black uniform to fill in.  Announcers: What a great kid!  What a great attitude!

Tulip tired.  Napping at my feet.

Need to rally round and spruce up.  Boyfriend is coming up tomorrow night. 

Maybe I’ll invite folks over.  What should I make?

Need to rake winter leaves, too.  Supposed to be clear and dry. 

Should take Christmas tree decorations down. 

We’ll watch football. 



Get reenergized. 





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