Snowed in…and out!

Happiest little snowman ever. Celery stick nose, black snap eyes, raisin buttons.

Day three of being snowed in, (not counting the day before those days for a routine procedure…a-hem), and I’m going a little stir crazy.  Stir crazy, as defined by the Urban Dictionary means fits of soul-sucking boredom often associated with those who do not have a life, as in ‘I’m going stir crazy at home, man.’  Uh, yeah, something like that.  But not today!  Today I drive Tulip to doggie day care and while it is nasty out, it’s navigable…with a bit of caution and common sense.  Tulip has also been going a little stir crazy having been confined to the indoors.  Her love of snow means she becomes her own snowball in no time!

It feels so good to get out of the house and I can’t help but notice so many brilliant colors and interesting details on our little jaunt.    My eyes fly to areas I have always passed by before, but which now seems über vibrant or sculptural.  I guess it makes sense in that the stir  in stir crazy is from the 1851 slang (really? who keeps track of these things?) to mean prison (Wikipedia does, of course).  I imagine that things look new again–brighter, more alive–to anyone who hasn’t been out in a while.  (Much like my exit from Texas to Washington, but that’s another story.)  It certainly has a lot to do with the snow as well.  Guess that’s why minimal white walls make up an art gallery.  Makes everything else pop! 

Icy, icy roads.

So, after dropping Tulip off, I slide on back home, pick up my little snap and shoot Canon (would love to have a nicer model someday), go through the Starbucks drive-through for liquid courage and comfort, and set out to see what I find and what finds me–within a comfortably close two-mile radius.  An hour later, hands freezing and craving a tuna melt, I settle back into the warmth of home and bring the outside in.    Well, almost.  Internet is down, darn it.  Stir crazy again.  No sympathy from the boyfriend, though.  He’s without power all together, bundled in a sleeping bag with nothing left to do but  sleep.  Four hours later, I fare better.  Internet is back up and it’s time to share.

Roosta in da' house!

Topiary dog stands sentry.


A solitary bench overlooks a frozen pond.

An antique fire engine screams red.

Even the ordinary becomes extraordinary when sprinkled with magic snow dust…wild rose hips, statuary, retaining walls, and more.  Each image evokes an emotion in me.  The tropical blue chair is optimistic and the owl is, well, felling just a bit indignant.

Witch Hazel "Diane" always oh so beautiful when the sun sets upon its blooms.

This blue chair catches my eye...fall, winter, and summer better together.

Picnic in the park?


What kinds of images catch your eye and speak to you when the sky goes silent and whispers down snow?  

Hey! Whoooo put that white stuff on my head?

A miniature snowman takes your coffee order in the drive through. Grande Americano, light cream, please.

Vitamin C

Snow hats on cinder blocks.


This way, please.




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