The Turnaround

Dear Ms. March,

I am writing to bring a serious safety issue to your attention.  Your lower parking is unsafe as parent drivers who are impatient to wait in the turnaround area, are backing out and exiting via the entrance lane.  Yesterday afternoon I almost got hit when a parent was pulling out just as I was pulling in.  I shudder to think of what could happen to students crossing the lot when drivers are acting recklessly.   I hope that you will do something about this before someone gets hurt.


A Concerned Parent


Dear Head of Maintenance,

We have been receiving complaints from parents that our lower parking lot is unsafe and parents are exiting the wrong way. We would appreciate it if you would please check out the signage to see if we might better mark the area and draw attention to the fact that the turnaround is, indeed, a one way loop.

Thank you!

Ms. March


Dear Ms. March,

People have complained about this for years.  No one has ever been hurt, nor has there ever been one accident.  I’m coming over tomorrow anyway so will take a look.



Dear Supervising Staff,

In lieu of concerns over parents driving the wrong way in the turnaround, could one of you please station yourselves in that space to ensure that traffic is flowing in the correct direction?  Other ideas?  Thank you for your efforts!

Ms. March


Dear Ms. March,

I have an idea that I think will work.  I will station myself at the bottom of the stairs and hold students at that area until their driver pulls forward.  This way students won’t dart between cars as they cross the lot and drivers will need to use the loop and exit in the correct direction.


Your Amazing Supervising Staff


Dear Amazing Supervising Staff,

Great idea!  We will announce this change in practice over the intercom for the next week and also put a notice in our weekly newsletter explaining how the new procedure will improve student/driver safety .

Ms. March


Dear Ms. March,

Today we implemented the new lower parking lot procedure.   I held the students as we planned.  The kids were great when I explained to them that their parents needed to use the turnaround for their safety and to follow the correct traffic flow.  Their parents, however, honked their horns and motioned for their students to cross the lot.  I motioned for the parents to come around to the pickup zone but they dug in their heels and would not comply.  Some parents actually left their cars from the other side of the lot, walked up to their students and grabbed them by the arm, took them back to their cars, and proceeded to backed out and exit the wrong way.  While they didn’t say anything to me when they approached they were pretty put out.  I thought you should know because you might get complaints from some  angry parents.

Feeling a bit run over,

Your Supervising Staff


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