A Mid-Winter’s Spring

Diane Witch Hazel
Fading, but still beautiful, the strappy sunset-hued blooms of ‘Diane’ Witch Hazel contrast against maroon-red bracts.
Dawn Viburnum
Pink, showy flowers of the Dawn Viburnum can fill a room—or garden—with their heady perfume.

It’s here.  The time of year when nurseries and gardening shows, knowing that we are all suffering from the winter blues, and begin to tempt us with their fragrant, colorful offerings.  “Pink Forsythia is Here!”  shouts the sign of a nursery that I pass on the highways. I nearly have to exit to take a look.  “A plant sure to knock your socks off!” says our local gardening show host in reference to the tropical looking Lantana like blooms and the incredible fragrance of the Edgeworthia Chrysanthia

I simultaneously try to picture where I might plant such delights in my already full garden while mustering up the will power to refrain from driving directly to the nearest nursery.  Instead, I take a stroll through my garden and stop to appreciate and capture the beauty of previous purchases selected especially for their ability to bring spring to a mid-winter’s day.  Enjoy!

The cabbage-like heads of Euphorbia Blackbird begin to blush and break open.


Ivory Prince Hellebore
Ivory Prince Hellebore bears an abundance of blooms.
 New growth of Plum Pudding Heuchara next to Fall Ginko Leaf

New growth of Plum Pudding Heuchera surfaces near fallen Ginko leaf.

Helleborus orientalis
Nodding Helleborus orientalis
Nodding Helleborus Orientalis
Helleborus Niger
First year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap! Helleborus Niger comes into its own.
Rock Cress
White Rock Cress will soon spill over the rock garden edge like an avalanche of snow. 
Ruby Rhubarb
A glistening knob of rhubarb breaks ground and moss.


Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane'
Newly opened, the fiery yarn-like tufts of Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’ smell faintly of orange spice.  Older, orange and yellow blooms in the background make for a multi-colored tree.

Take a little stroll through your neighborhood or garden.  What mid-winter signs of spring do you see?  You might just be inspired to visit a nursery.

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2 Responses to A Mid-Winter’s Spring

  1. Lovely photos. Gardening fever does strike with a vengeance this time of year. Thanks for the links to my two hellebore posts.

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