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The Beautiful People of London

On a recent trip to London to see the sights, I was surprised to find that what caught my attention more than architectural icons like Big Ben was the people, the beautiful people.    I mean beautiful in so many different kinds of ways…for … Continue reading

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How Opposites Attract

1. I love mayonnaise. He eschews it…and now can’t have it. 2. I make sure my bathrooms sparkle for visitors.  He uses Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners on a regular basis.  I’ve never known any one who uses Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Learned This Week

1.  My cat really does miss me when I’m gone for long weekends.  And shows it in undesirable ways. 2.  I look younger without glasses, much to the chagrin of my boyfriend. 3.  It can take up to a couple … Continue reading

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An Anniversary Weekend in Portland, Oregon

Anniversaries are supposed to be spent with, not away, from your loved one.  But after an anniversary weekend in Portland, Oregon, I guess I can’t complain…too much.  It was on this day, so many years ago, that I realized two of my dreams … Continue reading

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A Mid-Winter’s Spring

Fading, but still beautiful, the strappy sunset-hued blooms of ‘Diane’ Witch Hazel contrast against maroon-red bracts.     Pink, showy flowers of the Dawn Viburnum can fill a room—or garden—with their heady perfume.     It’s here.  The time of year when … Continue reading

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Have a Heart

David beckons from the bedroom dresser. For some reason, I’m not quite into Valentine’s Day as much this year as in year’s past.  And it’s not because it’s one of the most over-commercialized holidays where big black buckets of fragrance-free roses become a tripping … Continue reading

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The Birthday Princess

There is nothing that makes me smile more than my girl posing seriously for a birthday photo for the entertainment of her humans.  It is hard to believe she is three years old already.  Even more so when you consider that three is 27 in … Continue reading

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